New Year, New Perspectives

The start of a new year can bring a range of different emotions and thoughts. Depending on your perspective, these thoughts differ. But, perspective can help to guide and teach others about themselves, as well as others and the world. This idea is what has influenced the start and creation of this new journey of the blog, "I Said, She Said."

Our names our Julie and Anna Holland, and we are a mother/daughter duo. Throughout all of our experiences together, we have learned so much about the importance of perspective. Perspective can guide one's opinions, thoughts, and actions. Especially being a mother and daughter, we have both learned how our perspectives can clash at times based on our different outlooks. On this blog, we are going to choose a different random topic. We will each write a response based on the topic, on our perspective and opinion of the topic. These topics will vary from broad (ex. confidence in life), to more narrow (ex. confidence in high school) Comparing and contrasting the difference of our opinions will open up discussion on how perspective can change people's outlook.

We are so excited to start this blog and hopefully influence others in a positive and inquisitive manner. Read more about us and who we each are below. Please email us in the "contact" tab in the top of the tab bar at the top of the website about any questions, feedback, or topics that you would like us to write about.



My name is Anna Holland, and I am 16 years old. I live outside of Denver, Colorado and am a Sophomore at Arapahoe High School! I am on the Varsity Toms (dance) team at my school, as well as the Elite Competition team at my dance studio. I am in the DECA club at my school, and just qualified for the State competition this February. I also participate in YoungLife, which is a youth-group club outside of my school with a lot of my friends. I absolutely love to travel because it allows you to experience new cultures and places.

I was born in Bermuda, and I have lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and now Colorado. All of the different places have taught me so much and have instilled life lessons that I will cherish for my whole life.

I am so excited to start this blog journey alongside my mom! We have always had a very close relationship, and we have both learned how important perspective is throughout both of our lives.

#newyear #perspective #mother #daughter #blog

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